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Many people say that choosing compare and contrast essay topics is a very simple task. These are the people that believe that there is an abundance of comparison opportunities in the world of today. For them, the only thing you should strive towards in choosing such topics is to ensure that you come up with something that is interesting and a bit unique. This same thing also applies to cause and effect essay topics. Everything we see in life is caused by one thing, and all effects also go ahead to cause other effects. This is like a chain, so it is very easy to pick out some aspects from the chain and write about them. Whenever you are looking at things to choose as your compare and contrast essay topics, your main aim should be to come up with something that a reader will look at and decide to read it till the end. If the topic you choose does not trigger and captivate the interest of the reader to read to the end, then you have not chosen the best topic.

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When you want to pick topics, you have to know the core methods of choosing. The number one method is that you must choose two subjects or issues that are different. They must have enough difference to be compared and contrasted. When choosing the subjects to write on, you may choose two that are in the same category. However, there must be some differences between them and these differences must be significant enough for people to read and understand. While the major aspect of the essay is on the contrasting aspect which means the things that differentiate them, you must also focus on the things they have in common. The essay is a two-way thing, so subjects you choose must be ones that have some things in common and some differences too. There are some subjects that have some things in common, but these are so hidden that many people do not know about them. These are the ones that make the best compare and contrast essay topics. You must also ensure that the subjects you choose are ones that can be discussed in a meaningful way when you write an essay. When we say a meaningful way, we mean that their discussion must be more than, they are different in this way and they are similar in this way. Just like in your cause and effect essay topics, the essay is supposed to give the importance or consequences of putting the two different subjects together. Here, we mean that something must be learnt or gained through the comparisons you make. Now, when you choose these topics, you have to do so with the most meaningful question. Whenever you state the difference and similarities in the two subjects, you must be ready to answer the question, so what? This is where you go ahead to tell what the comparison will bring about to the audience.

Now, while you are choosing the topic, you have to brainstorm so as to know the points you will be looking at. Get a pen and paper, and write down all the points you will make for and against. With this, you weigh the points to know if they will make a good essay or not before you accept the topic or jettison it. Again, while weighing the points, you should consider your major points first and see if the major points can be contained within the limit of the space that you have been given for the essay. If not, you may have to look for another topic. If you have a lot to say and you are not given the space to say them, you may not have a good essay. Our research paper writing service includes helping people to discover great topics. But if you want is to write the essay for you, we will do it. If you have an essay you want us to give some finishing touches in form of corrections, editing, proofreading and fine-tuning, we will also help you. However, we can also teach students how to write a book report.

When you must have chosen the topics to write about, you should follow the given format. Just as it is in all cause and effect essay topics, you should start with an introduction. This introduction should open with some interesting comments. You can start with an anecdote, a quotation or even some generalizations so that they can lead seamlessly into the thesis statement just like in other narrative essays. The compare and contrast essay is not a place to beat about the bush, so you may not have the luxury to start talking about the other things concerning the subjects before delving into the main business of the day. So, after the introduction, you should just move into the first topic. Compare and contrast essay topics consist of 3 sections. The number one section should make proper explanations of the first subject. In this part of the essay, you should not even mention the second subject. Just enumerate all the important aspects of the first subject as it relates to the essay, without alluding to the relationship with the second subject. When you are through with this, then you should move to the second part of the essay. This is where you talk about the second subject. This should also be about one or two paragraphs like in the first part of the essay, and it should focus on the second subject only, without talking about the first subject that is already discussed in the first part of the essay. It is after the two first parts that you now move into the third part which is where you analyze the two subjects together, mapping out the similarities and differences between them as drawn from the facts you laid down in the first and second parts of the essay.

  • After this part comes the conclusion. This should also focus on a generalization of the thesis as discussed in compare and contrast essay topics.
  • It is here that you give you certainty to reaffirm your absolute knowledge about the subject of your thesis. This goes like the conclusion in cause and effect essay topics.
  • Some students may find it difficult to make clear essays in this regard. We also help in teaching them the best techniques that will help them come up with good essays and courseworks and how to do a book report.

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